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Chairperson's Message

Welcome to the website of the National Election Commission

Welcome to the website of the National Election Commission

The National Election Commission was established in 1963 with constitutional duties to fairly manage elections, referendums, and political parties. It embarked on the management of presidential elections, national assembly elections, and referendums and gradually expanded its scope to local elections, residents’ referendums, recall votes, and entrusted elections. Today, the NEC also conducts public relations and education for raising democratic citizenship and improving political funds.

As the birthplace of Korean democracy, the NEC maintains a strictly neutral and fair stance in election management and is exerting ceaseless efforts to make elections participative and joyful.

The NEC webpage is a public communication space for clean and fair elections.

It is an open space that provides useful information about elections, political parties, and political funds, as the public’s voice is taken preciously and reflected in election administration.

I hope that our webpage for open communication is helpful to the visitors and serves as a springboard for advanced, democratic elections.

The NEC will continue to volunteer and strive to become a trustworthy commission that harmonizes with the citizens.

Chairperson - Rho Tae-ak