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Prohibition on Holding a Party in Honor of the Publication of a Book Relating to a Candidate with 90 Days Left for the 20th Presidential Election

Date :12/15/2021Read : 81

The National Election Commission announced that from 90 days prior to the 20th presidential election day, which is December 9, a candidate (including the person intending to become a candidate) is prohibited from holding a party in honor of the publication of a book relating to the candidate; also a briefing session of parliamentary activities by a member of the National Assembly and a local council is prohibited. In addition, the appearance of the candidate in advertisement is certain to be limited along with the advertisement of a book intending to show the name of the party or the candidate.


The acts that are limited or prohibited from December 9 in accordance with the Public Official Election Act are as follows:


Limit on holding a party in honor of publication of a book and a briefing session of parliamentary activities:

- No one shall hold a party in honor of publication of a book relating to a candidate.

- A member of the National Assembly or a local council cannot report his/her parliamentary activities through an assembly or written documents whether they are his/her performance of duties, or in whatsoever name they are.


However, the reporting of his/her parliamentary activities is allowed through spoken words or direct telephone conversations between a caller and a receiver except for the day of election; it can be posted through internet homepage, or its bulletin board or chatting room as well as through transmitting it by e-mail or by text messages.


Limit on a candidate’s appearance in advertisements and any advertisements under the name of a party or a candidate

- No one may advertise works, entertainments, drama, motion pictures, photographs and other articles showing the name of a political party or a candidate

- A candidate may not appear in the advertisements by broadcast, newspaper, magazine and others. Additionally, the appearance on broadcast apart from the broadcast, and news and discussions stipulated in the Public Official Election Act is limited according to the Article 21 (Restriction on broadcast with candidate’s appearance) in the Special Regulations on Election Broadcast Deliberation.


While any person who is restricted for presidential candidacy such as public officials shall resign his/her post by December 9 for candidacy, a member of the National Assembly does not need to resign.

The relevant person shall be deemed to have resigned his/her office upon receipt of his/her letter of resignation by the institution to which he/she belongs whether the resignation is accepted or not by the relevant institution.


If the head of a Tong/Ri/Ban, a member of a residents’ self-governing committee, or a company commander or a higher-ranking officer of the reserve forces intends to serve as an election campaign manager, chief of an election liaison office, an election campaign worker, an assistant of a preliminary candidate or a candidate, an accountant in charge, an election campaign speechmaker, an interviewer and a debater, a voting observer, or an early voting observer, he/she shall resign from his/her post by December 9.


In such cases, a member of a residents’ self-governing committee cannot be reinstated to his/her former post until the election day; others cannot within six months after the election day.


The NEC urged political parties, candidates, and voters to be careful, so that they will not violate the Act due to their ignorance since the acts restricted or prohibited are provided in the Public Official Election Act in different manner with respect to the time.


Any inquires relating to the election can be taken care of by calling 1390 or visiting the election laws portal at


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