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NEC Chairperson Noh Jeong-hee Gives a New Year’s Address

Date :01/06/2022Read : 46

▣ Fair and transparent management of the 20th presidential election and the 8th nationwide simultaneous local elections according to law and principle

▣ Competition in sincere manner for the candidates and judgement by a thorough examination of the policies and visions for the voters

▣ Guaranteeing freedom of political expressions and the right to vote for the underprivileged

The Chairperson of the National Election Commission Noh Jeong-hee delivered a New Year’s message to citizens by video. An extract from her speech is found below:


My fellow citizens!


During this new year, I hope that we can regain our every day life completely and Korea can move forward more as the tiger’s spirit of brevity spreads throughout the whole nation.


The election commissions have endeavored to establish a solid foundation for the country’s democratic politics for nearly 60 years by engraving in our heart the sense of great responsibility for fair election management which was given by the Constitution of the Republic of Korea.


As the 20th presidential election and the 8th nationwide local elections that will be held this year can be a very significant process for the development of our democracy and local governments, the elections will be managed in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with law and principle.


The candidates and political parties are to compete in a sincere manner in order to improve the lives of the people and give directions for the better future of Korea; the voters should judge in a wise manner after a thorough examination regarding how the candidates are in terms of their qualities and capabilities, and what their feasible policies and visions are.


The media, civic groups, and religious or social organizations must put efforts into fostering clean atmosphere of the elections, and the public officials must remain strictly neutral in any cases, so that any acts of electoral intervention will not occur.


The election commissions will listen to the voices of the people and fully prepare for the procedural work, and we will also contribute to the advancement of democracy and social integration by guaranteeing freedom of political expressions and the right to vote for the underprivileged.


Let us achieve beautiful elections and create happy Korea with everyone’s participation and harmony.


Thank you. 

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