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NEC Begins Preparations for the 22nd National Assembly Election in Earnest

Date :11/06/2023Read : 40

NEC Begins Preparations for the 22nd National Assembly Election in Earnest

Election Management Meeting Held with Director Generals of 17 Si/Do Election Commissions on Thursday, September 7

    The National Election Commission held the countermeasures meeting on September 7 for the 22nd National Assembly Election, attended by the Director Generals of 17 Si/Do Election Commissions across the country, and began preparations for the election in earnest.

    NEC Secretary General Yong-bin Kim, who presided over the meeting on this day, stressed transparent election management that satisfies the public’s expectations as a top priority in order to restore public trust. In addition, he requested that we respond quickly and creatively to the rapidly changing environment such as changes in the political election system and the emergence of election campaigns that incorporate new generative AI technology.

    The countermeasures meeting held on this day was to call for the following messages to the Si/Do Director Generals: 1) raise public trust through accurate and transparent election management; 2) strengthen the acceptability of legal interpretation through accurate and unified operation of laws; 3) enhance the acceptability of measures through fair crackdowns under legal procedures; 4) improve election management through active publicity and promotion activities; 5) respond strictly to illegal election polls.

    There also are in-depth discussions on how to respond to suspicions of rigged elections and measures and safety accidents at polling and counting stations.

    The NEC requested national participation and cooperation in preventing safety accidents in these places and securing stable workforce and facilities for voting and counting stations so that voters can cast their ballot in elections with peace of mind and convenience.


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